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One stop shop for buying designer bags and plush soft toys...

About Us

Mr. Satish Kumar started business in manufacturing in the year 2007 under the name- Pari Enterprises. The Delhi (India) based Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier has got specialization in creating a collection of bags and toys. The small company with a few people has today flourished and grown into a Rs 50 Lakhs success.

The company offers its clients all over India, a variety of Soft Toys, Kids Schools Bags, Fancy School Bags, Carry Bags and Fancy Bags. Soft toys are like best friends to kids - they talk to them, share secrets with them, express fears and joys, and consider them a part of a family.

These plush, warm, cuddly toys offer excellent comfort and safety to kids. They can play with these cute and colorful toys without worrying about any harm. The company makes appealing soft toys in many shapes and sizes; that are not just for playing purpose, but also  help in developing children vocabulary, early learning, social and life skills. Kids at all ages enjoy stuff toys. Most popular soft toys are teddy bears, panda, rabbit, summertime fairy, toy moose, happy hippo, bunnies, and puppy.

Our Collection

The company has become specialized in designing and production of bags and toys, like:

  • Kids Schools Bags
  • Carry Bags
  • Fancy Bags
  • Soft Toys

Our Team

Pari Enterprises's team of production personnel keep themselves busy creating standard and custom toys and bags. The production personnel have everything going in their head, from artistry, details, quality, caring, to perfection. Their hard work, talent, ideas and passion collectively assist our company to achieve great success. The production team includes:

  • Fabric cutters
  • Stitching personnel
  • Machine operators
  • Assemblers
  • Quality personnel

Quality Control

The bags and soft toys are mass produced in-house. Our production personnel in-house gives hands-on attention to design and production process. Each piece of the soft toys collection is designed to give and receive much love to the customers (including kids of all ages) for years. Some of these products are hand produced and all the products are inspected at each step of manufacturing, so that there are no defect at the end of the production.

Production Plant

The designers currently working for us are creative and they use their skills in creating concepts and bringing something new every time. After deciding the concept, they create the design and prototype. Once the design gets approval, the product is added into the portfolio. As clients places an order, the production and quality control process is executed by professionals. Specially the soft toys are developed with care and attention to detail. These are at last stage packed, loaded into trucks and sent to clients, like retailers. The company by soft soft toys, is spreading happiness all over.